About The Drake Logo

  You may be wondering why I linked the logo of an American company, the R.L. Drake company, to the Drake Virtual Museum site in Brussels, Belgium.  After all, while this is no longer the official company logo, Drake is still an on-going concern.  They're still headquartered here in Ohio, about 40 miles from your host's residence.  And they still make electronic communications products, just not the beloved radio transmitters, receivers and transceivers for which they've become known the world over. 

  The reason I think is self-evident once you visit the site.  Thanks to a legion of contributors, JM Cherry has created an important repository of knowledge and information for Drake hobbyists and collectors everywhere.  It has become the defacto authority, the first "must see" Drake site on the web.  Unsurpassed in its depth, the Drake Virtual Museum entices the mind, thrills the heart, and captures the essence of what it was and is to be an admirer, a fan, an "officianado," and for many of us, a proud owner of some of the finest communications equipment ever made. 

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